Key Personnel: MFIS has only two key personnel having the relevant experience exclusively for such activity. They are:

  • Dr. Ramesh Chand Maloo: Founder of MFIS, is a certified financial planner (CFPCM) with over 24 years financial management experience.
  • Mr Kamal Maloo: Qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in this field.

MFIS has adequate  infrastructure  to  discharge  its functions as an Investment Advisor.
Fiduciary Responsibility to Investors: All information received and provided by MFIS is in fiduciary capacity. MFIS is responsible and maintains confidentiality of the investment advice provided to the client and information provided by the client. Advice given by MFIS is in the best interest of the investor.
Suitability and Risk Profiling: MFIS does adequate risk profiling of the client before any investment service is provided to them. Based upon the risk profiling performed by the MFIS, suitable investment advice is provided. MFIS maintains records of such risk profiling and investment advice.
Advertising and Marketing Material: MFIS does not use any advertisement that contains any untrue statement of material fact or that is otherwise misleading.
Conflict of Interest: No financial incentives/consideration is ever received from any person other than investors seeking advice. In case of advice regarding investment in entities related to the investment advisor, adequate disclosures are made to investor regarding the relationship.
Maintaining Records: MFIS maintains digital, safe and secured records in support of every investment recommendation/transaction made. MFIS retains records for at least 5 years and keeps systematic record of all advises provided by it.
Fees and Charges: MFIS clearly indicates to its clients the fees and charges that are required to be paid by them. MFIS discloses to all prospective clients all material information about itself, its businesses, its disciplinary history and the terms and conditions on which it offers advisory services.
Execution Services: MFIS does not accept funds/securities from investors, except the fee for investment advice. MFIS informs its clients by making appropriate disclosures, clarifying that the investor is under no obligation to use their services. The choice of opting for execution services offered by MFIS is left to the investors.
Outsourcing: Other than sourcing of research reports, no other part of investment advisory activity is outsourced by MFIS.
Liability: MFIS shall not be liable for civil or criminal liability in respect of advice given unless the advice is negligent or mala-fide in nature. Any dispute between MFIS and its clients would be resolved through grievance redressal mechanism or arbitration created by SEBI.